Girls of ImportFest

by Krystian F on Monday, September 20th, 2010 in Events

Here is part II of our ImportFest photos. The girls of ImportFest. Enjoy.


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Krystian F
Oct 12 2010

@Tim, There were two Police girls. One is Olivia and the other is Allison.

Tim Morrell
Oct 3 2010

that police officer girl! mmmm..i got a pic with her at the fan expo..i wish i knew her name! i wanted to add her on fb

Basit Mirza
Sep 21 2010

I like the model in the I know why he won BADDEST INTERIOR!

Krystian F
Sep 21 2010

LOL they're not that bad.

glenn lugtu
Sep 21 2010

yea wat these two said

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